Samsung Galaxy S21: The world in your pocket - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Samsung Galaxy S21: The world in your pocket

Photos: Samsung

Samsung’s latest offering, the Samsung Galaxy S21, packs a punch with its nifty features. But is it enough to convert this iPhone user?


How Zoom and other WFH tech darlings will fare when world reopens

Many internet companies posted record performance during the pandemic as consumers turned to apps and other cloud software to work, study, socialize and shop from home.

The risk of doing nothing is greater than ever - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


The risk of doing nothing is greater than ever

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, many finance and accounting organizations were still getting used to change as the new normal.

Esseplore-ing new horizons - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Esseplore-ing new horizons

When Esseplore — an AI-driven, tech-enabled food and travel company — first launched, they could not have done so at a worse timing.

Investing ideas

Buy Singapore equities in April and don't look back: KGI

SINGAPORE (Apr 16): As the Covid-19 situation drags on, market watchers are looking at 2Q2020 to be one of the worst quarters in history as the global economy enters into a synchronised recession. 


World economy working from home gets a glimpse of the virtual future

(Apr 15): The lockdown gripping much of the world economy has spurred a real-time stress test of the long-heralded digital future.

Investing strategy

DBS CIO urges investors to stay the course, focus on 5G and infrastructure trends

SINGAPORE (Mar 27): In what has been one of the fastest selldowns in history, the Covid-19 outbreak has single-handedly driven global equities to bear territories in the span of just a few trading

Investing ideas

Watch out for buying opportunities despite virus and oil woes, says KGI

SINGAPORE (Mar 13): Local stocks were off to a rough start in 2020. Even as the US-China trade war drags on, tensions threaten to flare in the Middle East.


Tech turmoil

SINGAPORE (March 6): The Covid-19 virus has hit the tech industry hard, with several large-scale global tech events cancelled or postponed until further notice.