The risk of doing nothing is greater than ever - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


The risk of doing nothing is greater than ever

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, many finance and accounting organizations were still getting used to change as the new normal.

Esseplore-ing new horizons - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Esseplore-ing new horizons

When Esseplore — an AI-driven, tech-enabled food and travel company — first launched, they could not have done so at a worse timing.

Investing ideas

Buy Singapore equities in April and don't look back: KGI

SINGAPORE (Apr 16): As the Covid-19 situation drags on, market watchers are looking at 2Q2020 to be one of the worst quarters in history as the global economy enters into a synchronised recession. 


World economy working from home gets a glimpse of the virtual future

(Apr 15): The lockdown gripping much of the world economy has spurred a real-time stress test of the long-heralded digital future.

Investing strategy

DBS CIO urges investors to stay the course, focus on 5G and infrastructure trends

SINGAPORE (Mar 27): In what has been one of the fastest selldowns in history, the Covid-19 outbreak has single-handedly driven global equities to bear territories in the span of just a few trading

Investing ideas

Watch out for buying opportunities despite virus and oil woes, says KGI

SINGAPORE (Mar 13): Local stocks were off to a rough start in 2020. Even as the US-China trade war drags on, tensions threaten to flare in the Middle East.


Tech turmoil

SINGAPORE (March 6): The Covid-19 virus has hit the tech industry hard, with several large-scale global tech events cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Emerging Markets

How developing countries create industrial champions

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): For many firms in emerging and developing economies, emulating the successes of Samsung and Hyundai may seem like an impossible dream.


Tech Time

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): Here are the tech events that made the news this year.

Tesla Cybertruck launched

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