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Truss says it was Kwarteng who decided to cut UK's top tax rate

Truss said her government should have “laid the ground better”

Global Economy

Truss's libertarianism was never going to win over the UK

Being “right” or “ideologically pure” is not nearly enough
Trickle-down economics does not work, says economists - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Economic outlook 2021

Trickle-down economics does not work, say economists

LSE economist says that policymakers should not fear that taxes on the rich to fund Covid-19 recovery will hurt their economies.
Fact: Democratic presidents are better for the stock market  - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US Presidential Race

Fact: Democratic presidents are better for the stock market

24-month returns see the Democrats yielding a significant 25.9% average while the Republicans yield only 6.4%.

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India cuts corporate tax in US$20 bil boost to growth

(Sept 20): India cut tax on local businesses to one of the lowest rates in Asia, while providing a more than US$20 billion ($27.5 billion) boost to revive economic growth from a six-year low.

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Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan sees bubbles in stocks and bonds

NEW YORK (Feb 1): The man who made the term “irrational exuberance” famous says investors are at it again.


This US$4 bil manager is preparing for an inflation surprise

OSLO (Jan 22): Inflation is what could jolt the markets this year.

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Stocks, dollar fall on Senate tax plan concerns

WASHINGTON (Nov 10): US stocks stumbled Thursday, with losses widening after the Senate revealed that its tax plan would delay cuts to the corporate rate until 2019. Treasuries turned higher and the dollar extended losses.
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Fed officials see gradual rate hikes as upside risks debated

WASHINGTON (Jan 5): Federal Reserve officials focused on the impact of potential fiscal stimulus during their December policy meeting, with many starting to worry that the central bank might eventually be forced to quicken the pace of interest-rate increa

What will happen to the markets post-Trump?

SINGAPORE (Nov 9): Donald Trump has defied pundits and predictions to win the US presidential elections, what does that mean for the markets and investors, as the world adapts to the new reality of a Trump presidency?