Tantallon India Fund


Fundamentals of Indian economy intact; use volatility to increase market exposure

The stock Tantallon is highlighting this month is Sun Pharmaceuticals, a pioneer Indian generics manufacturer.


Revving up selective investment opportunities in India

The stock the fund would like to highlight this month is Eicher Motors.


Markets remain extremely volatile, challenging

Tantallon Capital says it expects markets to remain extremely volatile; the current investment environment is challenging, it says


India in 'idiosyncratic' growth pocket

The Tantallon India Fund closed up 2.96% higher in August, underpinned by a visible recovery in the domestic economy.


Inflation and rising rates pressure markets; Hitachi Energy India in focus

"Experience suggests we should expect markets to remain extremely volatile until the Fed signals that they are...'done'".


War and inflation down Indian stocks

Indian stocks have been hit by the war in Ukraine, as well as higher inflation. Find out why.


Inflationary fears, yield curve inversion worries

This is one of those inflexion points on market sentiment and direction which we are going to look back on with some chagrin.


Indian equities outperformed in 2021 despite volatility. Will it carry on?

See some of the thoughts the Tantallon India Fund has to share on the global markets.

Investing strategies

Tapering talk, higher energy prices take its toll on Indian market

The Tantallon India Fund closed 0.71% lower in September amid significant global market volatility.


Positive momentum as Covid-19 recedes

Pricing trends and management commentary affirm rising inflationary expectations — not just “transitory” supply-side bottlenecks.