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Take good care of your skin

Avoid these skincare mistakes now so you can greet the New Year with a glowing complexion

Brought to you by SW1

Holding back the years

SW1 Clinic has options for anti-ageing treatments that will help you preserve your skin’s youthfulness and face the coming year with confidence


The business of beauty

For aesthetic doctor Low Chai ling, beauty is about being the best version of yourself, and running a business is about motivating staff to give their best


Is it tougher to lose weight or fat?

Treatments are now available to help you achieve the body shape that you have always wanted

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Classic style

Brunello Cucinelli taps three decades of fashion to bring us a look that is evergreen


Keeping up appearances

The popularity of laser treatments has been on the rise as more people prefer a less invasive form of therapy to stay youthful

Customise your treatment

Forget your G&Ts or Cosmos; go for a facial cocktail at SW1 Clinic instead

Buy right: Arm candy

SINGAPORE (Feb 18): Cartier is well known for its fine timepieces and jewellery, and its classic quality and elegance extends to leather goods. The Guirlande de Cartier is a bag that is for keeps: The design is classic and the colours of red, green and bl

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A new year and a new you

At the beginning of the year, it is almost customary to make resolutions for self-improvement. If looking better is one of your goals, head to SW1 Clinic.


Success favours the well-groomed

SINGAPORE (Dec 3): There is a subtle but pervasive trend you might not have noticed: The majority of power players, visionaries and CEOs featured in the media tend to be immaculately groomed. From their full head of hair and glowing skin to their well-pre