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Sustainable investing: Plan for the future you want to see

Why sustainable investing matters.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management: Investment themes 2020

Asian investors most keen on sustainable investing

(Jan 31): Investors in Asia have a surprisingly high level of interest in sustainable investing, says UK-based asset manager Schroders. Its head of sustainable research, Andy Howard, notes that this is because the speed at which economies are changing in


Investors - both global and local - not walking the sustainable investment talk: Schroders

SINGAPORE (Oct 1): There remains a gulf between people’s sustainable investment aspirations and the reality of how they prioritise these factors in their investment decision-making.


Asean banks failing to respond fast enough to existential environmental threats: WWF report

SINGAPORE (Aug 21): For decades, the financial industry has been accused of not taking climate risks seriously. A new report by conservation organisation WWF suggests that Asean banks, in particular, are dragging their feet on the issue.


Almost 7 of 10 HNW investors in Asia want to help create a better future with sustainable investing

SINGAPORE (June 25): Monetary returns are gradually taking a backseat to more altruistic goals as the motivation of investors in Asia evolves.


Sustainable investing: How to avoid greenwashing?

SINGAPORE (June 17): With the rise and rise of new sustainable funds, the question of how to avoid greenwashing becomes more prevalent. Sustainable responsible investing (SRI) labels are popping up and the European Union is in the process of defining an e


Green rush

The pot of ‘do-good’ money is growing quickly. But pockets and patience may not run that deep, so standards are needed to ensure resources are not squandered.


ESG investing faces sustainability test

SINGAPORE (June 3): The hottest acronym in asset management is ESG. Funds that take account of environmental, social and governance factors when deploying capital have sucked up more than US$1 trillion ($1.38 trillion) so far. More of them are becoming ac


Turning up the heat

SINGAPORE (Apr 22): Most investors have traditionally focused on ensuring their portfolios generated the maximum amount of returns on their capital. But attitudes, especially among institutional investors, are changing. The focus now is on mitigating risk