Record number of sustainable bonds issued in 1H20; up 47% from 1H19: Refinitiv

A strong demand for responsible investing has continued to drive the issuance of green bonds, according to Refinitiv’s 1H20 Sustainable Finance Review.


Accelerating green recovery is an economic vaccine we need post-Covid-19

Covid-19 has resulted in unprecedented economic shutdowns globally.


For high-octane events

Co-president of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, has always been passionate about championing sustainability causes. Scheufele sources for raw materials from companies that practice fair trade.


Moving forward

SINGAPORE (July 17): When it comes to sustainability, major corporations have a key role to play.


Sustainable reboot

SINGAPORE (July 9): Single-serve portioned coffee has previously come under fire for being less than ideal for the environment, with much of the furore directed at the tiny alumini


Our Plastic Problem

With eight million tonnes of plastic waste in our oceans every year, our love affair with the synthetic compound is turning toxic very quickly.


Keppel O&M, EMA ink $10 mil partnership, launch grant call to develop energy solutions in marine sector

SINGAPORE (Apr 15): Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) and the Energy Market Authority (EMA) are playing their part in the adoption of cleaner energy and greater environmental sustainabi

Denica Riadini-Flesch sets up social enterprise company SukkhaCitta that reinterprets Indonesian textile heritage and along the way it empowers women artisans in villages to earn a living from their craft and sustain their culture


It takes a village

SINGAPORE (Apr 9): A browse through the SukkhaCitta website and the first thing you notice that the clothes are not flashy and trendy.

Meet India’s Anita Songre: A feminist fashion icon fighting for sustainability


Creating a green company

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): With stores in India and New York

Stella McCartney plans to make LVMH sustainable while Puma is already doing it


Style Changers

SINGAPORE (Mar 13): Style changers

Stella McCartney plans to make LVMH sustainable while Puma is already doing it

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