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HSBC strategists expect fading stocks rally in challenging year

"We still think the consensus is too sanguine on the outlook for risk assets."

Broker's Calls

5 'must own' stocks to scoop up in a market rebound: CIMB

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): CIMB Research is keeping its STI target of 3,600 intact for now, with expectations of 8% earnings per share (EPS) growth for 2018, along with more earnings upgrades ahead in the non-REIT earnings season.

Global Economy

These risks could derail the 'Goldilocks economy' in 2018

SINGAPORE (Dec 22): DBS Group Research is positive on both developed and emerging economies for the year ahead despite the anticipated tightening of central bank liquidity.

Singapore economy

Why size matters in Singapore's business environment

SINGAPORE (Dec 14): Company size matters when it comes to working capital performance, which, when managed well, could help to improve business performance and revenue growth.

Global Markets

Global institutional investors brace for volatlity, asset bubbles in 2018: Natixis

SINGAPORE (Dec 7): As allocations to passive strategies register a decline for the third consecutive year, institutional investors are preparing for volatility, asset bubbles and fragile markets ahead in 2018.

Emerging Markets

Jokowi roots for private investment as Freeport dispute lingers

JAKARTA (Oct 17): Indonesia will turn to private investors for the hundreds of billions of dollars in investment needed to develop the archipelago’s infrastructure and natural resources, President Joko Widodo said, brushing off claims he was increasingl

Investing strategy

Singapore’s solid equity market performance is facing 2 risks, says Morgan Stanley

SINGAPORE (Aug 17): Two positive pillars of Singapore’s seemingly-strong equities market have weakened, according to equity strategists of financial services firm Morgan Stanley.

Investing strategy

Why ‘shorting volatility’ is now in trend, and what it really means

SINGAPORE (Aug 3): As investors allocate their portfolios on hopes of continued global economic expansion, it seems the entire world is shorting volatility, says David F. Lafferty, Natixis senior vice president, chief market strategist.

Sticking to tactical cost savings could hurt APAC companies’ growth: Deloitte

SINGAPORE (July 25): Companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) region are expecting to focus on cost reduction over the next 24 months, especially in Singapore, China and India, according to a new report published by Deloitte.

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This boutique bank sees a ‘clear pattern of further economic strength’ for Singapore

SINGAPORE (July 21): VP Bank is anticipating a moderate acceleration of Singapore’s economic growth rates to take place in the coming quarters on stronger manufacturing output.