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DBS considers joining race for Bank Permata Indonesia

SINGAPORE (Oct 10): DBS Group Holdings is considering joining the race to acquire PT Bank Permata, the Indonesian lender in which Standard Chartered Plc holds a stake, according to people familiar

StanChart said to plan Asia split into Singapore, Hong Kong hubs

LONDON (June 6): Standard Chartered Plc plans to create two new hubs for its Asian operations in Singapore and Hong Kong to simplify the emerging market lender’s extensive network and reduce costs,


Barclays mulls possible merger with StanChart and even 'hypothetical combo' with DBS, reports FT

SINGAPORE (May 23): Barclays Plc has been exploring a potential merger with rival banks including Standard Chartered Plc, as part of wide-ranging contingency plans being weighed by senior board mem

Indonesia says investigating StanChart US$1.4 billion transfer to Singapore

JAKARTA (Reuters): Indonesia is investigating reports that US$1.4 billion ($1.9 billion) held by Standard Chartered Plc in Guernsey, mainly on behalf of Indonesian clients, was transferred to Singa


How StanChart's heavier Singapore fine could look light: Bloomberg Gadfly

SINGAPORE (Dec 2): The kind that Standard Chartered Plc may have unwittingly facilitated is 86% more shameful than control lapses at DBS Group Holdings and UBS Group AG.

Barclays private bankers defect before OCBC acquisition

(Oct 6): Standard Chartered Plc has stepped up its hiring from Barclays Plc’s private-banking team in Hong Kong ahead of the transfer of the business to Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp., in a move tha

At 0.4% its size, Singapore wants more phone carriers than China

SINGAPORE (Sept 2): Singapore’s population may be 0.4% the size of China’s but the tiny city-state may soon host a larger number of carriers than the world’s largest mobile-phone market.

1MDB Watch

Singapore vows tougher stance after 1MDB dents reputation

July 25 (Bloomberg): Singapore’s regulatory chief vowed stronger action to address the reputational damage caused by anti-money laundering lapses at banks in the city linked to the troubled state i


Fraud in US$4 tril trade finance turns banks to digital ledger

SINGAPORE (May 23): The risk posed by fraud in the US$4 trillion ($5.5 trillion) trade-financing industry has prompted banks to start exploring distributed-ledger technology like the one that under

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