Investing strategies

US stock faithful ride US$7 trillion rally as market timing backfires

'Timing the market is one of the most fun things you can try to do because it’s like a dopamine-type behavioural thing'

US Economy

US stocks flash recession warning as trouble spreads to industrials

The S&P 500 Industrials index peaked on Aug 1 and is down about 8% since then, teetering on a correction.
With inflation easing, Julius Baer urges investors to stay put for widening rally - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Investing strategies

With inflation easing, Julius Baer urges investors to stay put for widening rally

Stay fully invested in quality assets, as inflation and economic momentum have proven to be stickier than expected: Julius Baer


Stock market rally that shocked everyone is broadening beyond tech

'We're a little bit more optimistic about the economy than we were three and four months ago.'

US stocks

Five things to watch in what will be an ugly earnings season

While analysts estimate that profits for S&P 500 companies may fall by 8%, they also see it as the low point.

Global Markets

Morgan Stanley strategist says bank stress signals bear market end

He recommends positioning in defensive, low-beta sectors and stocks.


Rolex, Patek Investments beat S&P gains over five years

Over a longer period, however, stocks outperformed watches as an investment asset.

US stocks

US stocks are poised to hit new lows this year, survey of investors shows

Most say the market has yet to hit the bottom amid concern over corporate earnings.

US stocks

NYSE investigates technical issue that caused wild market open

At least 40 S&P 500 Index stocks were hit with trading halts, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.