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NASDAQ stocks fraught with risk due to overexuberance: Morgan Stanley

SINGAPORE (July 14): Morgan Stanley warns that a new tech bubble might be in the works, given how the fast and high tech stocks have gained in recent months. 

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Asian stocks set for mixed start to Friday trading after muted session on Wall Street

(June 19): Asian stocks looked poised for a mixed start to Friday trading after a muted session on Wall Street saw shares end little changed. Treasuries and the dollar rose.

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Singapore finance professionals expect S&P 500 and MSCI World Index to be down 12.5% and 10.4% this year, says Natixis survey

SINGAPORE (June 17): Singapore finance industry professionals expect the S&P 500 and MSCI World Index to be down 12.5% and 10.4% respectively for this year, according to a survey done by Natixi

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Time for STI to gain strength against SPX

SINGAPORE (May 1): The US market had one of its best months in the past 30 years in April. However, May could turn out to be more volatile.

EDGEPROP SINGAPORE - STI flails as volume evaporates

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STI flails as volume evaporates

SINGAPORE (April 24): The Straits Times Index has sunk below its breakout level of 2,561. The breakout took place in mid-April but the subsequent rise was not able to garner volume.

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Fed and Trump underwrite the US bull market

SINGAPORE (Feb 28): Global stocks traded sharply lower last week as the second wave of Covid-19 outbreak, this time outside of China, triggered heightened uncerta


Tech bloodletting nears US$300 bil since Facebook reported

NEW YORK (July 31): The rush to get out of US tech stocks entered its third day Monday as concerns mounted over how the storied FAANG bloc will fare amid rising interest rates and slower growth.


3 reasons why US firms are taking longer to go public

SINGAPORE (Jan 9): It was an encouraging 2017 for the S&P 500, booking a full year of monthly total gains for the first time ever.

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Stocks have gotten ‘less attractive’ but still better than bonds: Buffett

(Aug 31): Warren Buffett, the billionaire chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said the rally in markets over the last several years has made it harder to find bargains,

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Markets roiled on Trump stance tensions

NEW YORK (Aug 18): A sense of growing unease gripped financial markets as President Donald Trump exacerbated the controversy sparked by a racist rally in Virginia and terrorists struck a crowded st

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