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Obama is more worried about these three things than missing nukes

SINGAPORE (Dec 16): Political polarisation, climate change and social media are three trends that keep former US president Barack Obama “up at night”.

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Twitter, Facebook accuse China of using fake accounts to undermine Hong Kong protests

SAN FRANCISCO (Aug 20): Twitter and Facebook said on Monday they had dismantled a state-backed information operation originating in mainland China that sought to undermine


Trump, in praising Xi, links Hong Kong protests to trade war

(Aug 15): President Donald Trump made what seemed to be an overture to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping in a series of tweets on Wednesday night that linked the protests in Hong Kong to the continuing

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Singapore isn't waiting for Facebook to crack down on fake news

SINGAPORE (April 2): Singapore plans to introduce tough new laws to hold online outlets accountable for the spread of fake news, joining countries around the world in putting pressure on companies


Australia, Singapore to crack down on online media with new laws

SYDNEY/SINGAPORE (April 1): Governments in the Asia Pacific region are accelerating efforts to fight malicious use of online media, unveiling laws that make it easier to target websites which enabl

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Beyond the industry glitz of 'influencer' marketing

SINGAPORE (Mar 22): The global influencer industry is one that is poised to reach US$10 billion in size by 2022, according to the Influencer Marketing Report from Business Insider Intelligence.

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Social media continues to grow despite industry challenges: survey

SINGAPORE (Jan 31): More than one million new people go online daily and 45% of the world – about 3.5 billion people annually – are logging in to their favourite social platforms, representing almo

Disruption and Digitalisation

Facebook opening new regional ops centres in Dublin & Singapore to 'protect elections'

SINGAPORE (Jan 29): Facebook says it plans to set up two new regional operations centres, focused on election integrity, at its offices in Singapore and Dublin to allow its global teams to better w

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Facebook co-founder says social networks to face more regulation

(Sept 6): Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook Inc., said social networks are heading for more regulation and change, as political pressures mount and users fragment into specialised interests.


Monetary policy via Facebook is Southeast Asia in turmoil

SINGAPORE/JAKARTA/MANILA (Aug 24): As the economic landscape gets more rocky, Southeast Asia’s central bankers are turning to Facebook and YouTube for help in getting their messages across.

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