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Should investors fear a 'leftward' tilt in policies? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Should investors fear a 'leftward' tilt in policies?

Major crises shake up existing policy frameworks. Asian governments will need to usher in new ones to stay ahead of the curve.

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Singapore at 55: How to deal with growing angst?

As Singapore commemorates its 55th National Day, it is not the most auspicious of times. The nation confronts multiple challenges outside its control such as the pandemic and geo-political tensions. And, it has to face up to these forces when there are al

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Middle class getting squeezed; relief from 'rocky waters' needed, says OECD

SINGAPORE (Apr 15): With income growth falling increasingly far behind the rise in house prices, the middle class is struggling to keep up. Governments need to give more support and help address gaps in social inequality, says the Organisation of Economic

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Social, economic inequality debate to rage on as fewer citizens live the Singapore Dream

SINGAPORE (Dec 31): Against the backdrop of the lifestyle of the ultra-rich depicted in the 2018 hit movie Crazy Rich Asians, a gaping inequality between the haves and have-nots has been at the centre of a raging conversation in Singapore this past year.