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Invoice crowdfunding firm Validus offers SMEs ‘virtual credit card’

(Sept 4): For small and medium-sized enterprises, a single delayed payment from a customer can mean a major dent in cash flows.

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Ageing proprietors of heritage businesses look askance at offer of a digital future

SINGAPORE (June 9): Chen Foon Kee (photo) sits hunched atop a four-inch stool, weaving rattan threads through the wooden skeleton of a chair.

RHB strategy for 2017

Rising interest rates: Boon or bane for Singapore banks?

SINGAPORE (Jan 3): Singapore banks are expected to benefit from the increase in interest rates along with the Fed’s rate hike in December.

Maybank offers enhanced mortgage package to SMEs

SINGAPORE (Nov 21): Maybank has launched a new mortgage facility to small and medium enterprises that offers financing for up to 120% of the value of their completed, owner-occupied commercial and

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UOB’s digital efforts lead the pack but watch out for costs

SINGAPORE (Sept 19): United Overseas Bank’s (UOB) is leading the pack when it comes to digital banking among the three local lenders.

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