Sir James Dyson

Singapore in talks with more electric car companies after Dyson

SINGAPORE (Apr 22): Following Dyson’s plans late last year to manufacture its first electric car in Singapore, the city-state is now in talks with other makers of green vehicles to set up shop on the island.

Singapore is pitching its connectivity to global markets through free-trade agreements, its high-skilled workforce and stringent protection of intellectual property, which is critical for the industry, according to the government agency set up to attract investments to the country.

Sir James Dyson attempts to slay the global air pollution demon with his very own EV

SINGAPORE (Sept 27): Vacuum cleaners with endless suction power, fans without blades, hair dryers that do not overheat ... and now battery electric vehicle?

Yes, Sir James Dyson has just confirmed via a Facebook post that the company is working on a battery electric vehicle, due to be launched by 2020.

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Be informed of the stories that matter