Singapore labour market

Disruption and Digitalisation

Robotisation could increase Singapore's GDP by 20% over the next 10 years, but job displacement is inevitable: Oxford Economics

SINGAPORE (Feb 3): According to a recent study by Oxford Economics, robot adoption could spur a 20% growth in Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030, equivalent to some $0.1 trillion at t

Labour market

Singapore 3Q unemployment rate at 2.3% amid cautious hiring sentiments, fewer job vacancies: MOM

SINGAPORE (Dec 12): Singapore’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate rose 0.1 percentage points in the 3Q19 ended September.

Labour market

2 in 5 employees in Singapore plan to switch jobs this year: Randstad

SINGAPORE (June 19): Macroeconomic uncertainty? Cautious labour market?

Singapore economy

Moderate hiring activity expected in Singapore for 1Q18: ManpowerGroup

SINGAPORE (Dec 12): The first quarter of 2018 will see a moderate hiring activity, according to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS).

Careers & Training

Why Singapore's talent mismatch is expected to widen in the future

SINGAPORE (Oct 12): Businesses are still struggling to find skilled professionals in several specialist roles and sectors even as the number of well-educated migrants rise to provide a flow of skil

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