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With hustings over and deepest economic plunge on record, time to get back to rebuilding the economy

SINGAPORE (July 17): After a week of intense hustings — mostly over online platforms —Singaporeans woke up to a familiar headline on the morning of July 11: the People’s Action Party (PAP) had once

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With elections over, it’s “jobs jobs jobs” for the PAP

SINGAPORE (July 16): Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) was duly returned with a supermajority following general elections on 10 July 2020.

Singapore economy

Market analysts cheer a more diverse parliament following watershed Singapore elections

(July 13): Another mandate for Singapore’s ruling party -- along with the opposition winning its most seats ever -- will boost the city-state’s equities, according to analysts.

Singapore economy

PAP retains super majority, but suffers weakest performance in 55 years; WP wins record 10 seats

(July 11): Singapore’s ruling party retained a firm grip on power but suffered its weakest performance in 55 years in office in an election on Friday, with the economy badly hit by the Covid-19 pan

Singapore economy

Why the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be the ultimate test for Singapore

(July 8): The pandemic is proving the ultimate test for Singapore, the tiny city-state that has a reputation of reinventing itself during times of crises.

Singapore economy

Mandate for Singapore post-elections may bode well for nascent rebound for stock market

(July 3): A new mandate to govern Singapore during the pandemic can bode well for the nascent rebound in the nation’s US$383 billion ($533.83 billion) stock market.

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US elections have bigger impact than local hustings on Singapore economy

SINGAPORE (July 1): The high drama and sudden moves of Singapore’s 2020 general elections may have enthralled the general public, but investors are unlikely to be moved by the republic’s unusual el

Singapore economy

DPM Heng to double down on trade; will navigate a different future than predecessors

(June 26): Singaporeans go to the polls next month ahead of the third change in prime minister in some six decades.


Singapore government facing calls to hold off on elections amid virus

(June 19): Singapore’s government is facing calls from opposition parties and a group of regional lawmakers to hold off on its yet-to-be-announced general elections, citing the health risk to voter

No physical rallies, live cheers or music in Singapore’s next elections

(June 18): It’s going to be a very different election season for Singapore this time around.

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