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Singapore Business Federation renders support to businesses and workers in need

SINGAPORE (June 11): The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has launched a $2.5 million fund to support member companies looking to digitalise and grow their capabilities.

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Resilience Budget a hit with businesses, according to SBF survey

SINGAPORE (Apr 3): Businesses say the government’s $48.4 billion Resilience Budget have been timely and impactful in helping to meet pressing concerns such as wage costs and cash flow issues, accor

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Business optimism among SMEs tumbles to all-time low amid virus uncertainties

SINGAPORE (Apr 2): Fears are mounting among small and medium enterprises (SMEs), a segment which has been lauded as one of Singapore’s main economic drivers, as the Covid-19 pandemic escalates. 

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Keep calm and stay vigilant amid novel coronavirus outbreak: SBF

SINGAPORE (Feb 10): Amid the panic buying at supermarkets throughout the country, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has called on Singaporeans to keep calm and stay vigilant.

China's Belt & Road Initiative

Singapore businesses bank on China's Belt and Road amid slowdown

SINGAPORE (July 30): Nearly one in three multinational corporations are currently involved in projects related to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), according to preliminary findings from a jo

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$1 bil innovation fund to drive growth in IP-strong companies

SINGAPORE (April 26): Innovators and companies in Singapore with strong Intellectual Property (IP) will soon benefit from a slew of new initiatives that will help them translate their idea

SMEs expect more decline in 2017; want near-term govt help: SBF survey

SINGAPORE (Dec 29): Nearly two-thirds (63%) of businesses say that the economic climate in Singapore has worsened in 2016 while nearly half (48%) of businesses expect the situation to deteriorate i

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