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The rise and fall of Wall Street legend Carl Icahn - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US stocks

The rise and fall of Wall Street legend Carl Icahn

Right now Icahn’s biggest concern is whether he could be facing serious criminal charges.

Global stocks

Icahn the Hunter has become the hunted

It is unclear whether Icahn will care; he has been called raider, devil, evil Captain Kirk, and so on — but this time he should

Banking & finance

Carl Icahn hit by Hindenburg short call as activist investor becomes target

"Icahn, a legend of Wall Street, has made a classic mistake of taking on too much leverage in the face of sustained losses"

Global Markets

Why India's Adani Group is too big to fail

With the reopening of China and growing global interest in Indonesia and Vietnam, investors have other options
Shorting in a bear market - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Investing strategies

Shorting in a bear market

Instruments such as DLCs can be powerful tools within your investment portfolio
Nio forms independent committee to probe short seller's allegations - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Electric vehicles

Nio forms independent committee to probe short seller's allegations

"The company reiterates its continued and unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards of corporate governance"

Aviation & Engineering

SIA stock most shorted stock in Singapore since 4Q loss announcement

Bearish bets have risen sharply on Singapore Airlines Ltd. shares, making it the most shorted stock in the city state as the carrier posted its biggest ever quarterly loss in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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One of the world’s hottest short sellers is changing tactics

TOKYO (June 29): Earlier this month, Soren Aandahl scored one of his biggest victories as a short seller when he dramatically took down the leader of a world-famous brand.

From best to worst, Singapore's top stock is no longer No. 1

SINGAPORE (Apr 26): Venture Corp., which was Singapore’s best performing stock in 2018 until this week, has lost almost a third of its market value in just five days.

Global Markets

Great Wall's 21% jump shows risk of shorting stocks in Hong Kong

HONG KONG (June 13): Short selling can be a tough business, as those betting on declines in Hong Kong’s equity market are finding out.