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China's Fifth Plenum deserves attention

Next week brings China’s Fifth Plenum which will detail the 14th Five-Year Plan.


Threefold growth in Chinese tech IPOs amid US-China tensions

The makeup of China’s equity capital market is changing as it attracts more tech companies amid rising tensions with the U.S.

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China’s economic adaptation

The sustained economic and political attack on China is revealing not China’s weakness, but its strength. The US is going all out to hobble and damage the Chinese economy.

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Hits on China business impact investment choices

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore or discount the sustained attack on China on many fronts by the US.

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China’s role in economic stability

(June 12): Which do you believe?

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Risks in end of US' special relationship with Hong Kong

(June 5): For many companies and investors, Hong Kong has been the safe way to enter China.

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Shanghai seeking support

(Mar 20): What does Covid-19 economic recovery look like and how does it impact on investment and capital flows?

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Shanghai probes support

(Feb 28): Living in Australia I enjoyed eating wild caught barramundi fish, prawns, mud crabs and eel along with wild caught kangaroo and wild (farmed) crocodile.

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Shanghai in steady, slow downtrend

(Dec 9): In what has become a normal week, US President Donald Trump has imposed new tariffs on friends, foes and innocent bystanders.

US-China trade war

Trump’s threats to China capital

(Oct 7): It appears that there is nothing so extreme that you can contemplate that cannot become a White House tweet.

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