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Why China's surveillance giants are the US' new target

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): The euphoria surrounding the so-called Phase 1 of what promises to be a long-drawn-out multi-pronged trade deal between two of the world’s largest economies, the US and China, d

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CEO of leading AI startup SenseTime says valuation has passed US$7.5 billion

(Sept 6): SenseTime Group’s valuation surpassed US$7.5 billion this year after securing investment from backers like SoftBank Group, yet the world’s largest AI startup said it’s in no hurry to go p


Temasek to explore AI, blockchain deals with experimental pods

(Nov 25): Temasek Holdings, Singapore’s state investment firm, is setting up new groups to explore opportunities in artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

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China now has the most valuable AI startup in the world

(Apr 9): SenseTime Group has raised US$600 million ($789 million) from Alibaba Group Holding and other investors at a valuation of more than US$3 billion, becoming the world’s most valuable artific

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