self-driving cars


5G crucial for self-driving cars, automated factories: Fitch Solutions

5G technology will be crucial in the development of self-driving cars, bringing futuristic cities from fiction to reality.


Apple is working with Hertz to manage its self-driving car fleet

SAN FRANCISCO (June 27): Apple Inc. is leasing a small fleet of cars from Hertz Global Holdings Inc. to test self-driving technology, an agreement that echoes a larger deal between competitors Alph

NTU's Assistant Professor Chen Shoushun shows his invention, Celex: an ultrafast, high-contrast camera

NTU invents ultrafast camera for autonomous vehicles

SINGAPORE (Feb 16): Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have developed an ultrafast high-contrast camera that could help autonomous vehicles and drones “see” better in extreme ro


Autonomous transport-speed bumps ahead?

SINGAPORE (Dec 5): August 2016 saw the implementation of the world’s first self-driving taxis in Singapore.

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