Securities and Futures Act

Noble comes under investigation for potential accounting & regulatory breaches

SINGAPORE (Nov 20): Singapore authorities are launching an investigation into beleaguered commodities trader Noble Group and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Noble Resources, amid the group’s controversial debt restructuring exercise.

YuuZoo's former director provides bond to report back to CAD

SINGAPORE (May 23): YuuZoo on Tuesday announced that former chairman Thomas Zilliacus has provided a bond to report back to the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on June 4, to assist further in CAD’s investigation regarding a potential breach of the Securities and Futures Act.

See: YuuZoo confirms CAD investigation into company and chairman Zilliacus

Raffles United under CAD probe for possible Securities and Futures Act infringement

SINGAPORE (May 4): Raffles United Holdings, formerly known as Kian Ho Bearings, announced Friday that the company and its subsidiary, Kian Ho, are under investigation by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD).

According to Raffles United, the company on Wednesday received a letter from the authorities regarding the probe into an alleged offence under the Securities and Futures Act.

The company says it has handed over the documents, information and IT equipment from 2015 to date that were requested by CAD.   

CAD launches investigations into Midas

YuuZoo confirms CAD investigation into company and chairman Zilliacus

SINGAPORE (Apr 3): YuuZoo Corporation has been informed by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of investigations into a potential offence under Singapore's Securities and Futures Act.

In addition, YuuZoo was informed that Thomas Zilliacus, the company’s chairman, also received a notice from CAD relating to investigations into the same matter.

MAS forecasts 1-3% GDP growth for rest of the year; warns of geopolitical risks

SINGAPORE (June 29): Singapore’s economy is expected to continue growing at 1-3% for the remainder of the year.

This is according to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore’s central bank, which today released its annual report for 2016/17 where it extensively detailed its achievements over the past year as well as expectations for the city state’s economy moving forward.

ISR seeking legal advice over 'inaccurate' media reports

SINGAPORE (Nov 30): ISR Capital has denied that its business activities are in any way associated with the individuals mentioned or with any of three SGX-listed companies whose trading activities are the subject of investigations by the Commercial Affairs Department.

The three companies are Asiasons Capital (now renamed Attilan Group), Blumont Group, and Liongold Corp.

ISR Capital was referring to various media reports in recent days in which the company was associated with the three individuals charged for various offences under the Securities and Futures Act.

John Soh hit with 181 charges, Quah faces 178 charges while Goh slapped with 6

SINGAPORE (Nov 25): The state prosecutor has accused ‎John Soh Chee Wen and Quah Su-Ling of being the masterminds of a share manipulation scheme behind the Oct 2013 penny stock crash.

The third person who was arrested with them, Goh Hin Calm, is accused of acting as a "key assistant" by helping them manage their bank and trading accounts used to manipulate shares.

Soh has been charged with 181 offences under the Securities and Futures Act.

No bail has been set for him. His defence will file an affidavit‎ on Dec 9, and his case will be heard again on Dec 20.

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Be informed of the stories that matter