Investing strategy

In 2018, reliable income does not come by easy

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): These days, reliable income is hard to come by.

Income is a top objective for most investors and it is the main outcome they want to achieve when investing.

Global Markets

3 driving forces behind European equities in 2018: Schroders

SINGAPORE (Jan 2): Schroders is of the view that Pan-European equities will continue to enjoy good prospects in 2018 – even after their recent gains brought long-term valuations close to historic a

Investing strategy

Which of the major stock markets are 'cheap' going into 2018?: Schroders

SINGAPORE (Dec 28): Global investors should beware the temptation to simply compare a valuation metric for one region with that of another, according to global investment manager Schroders.

Populist policies could lead to stagflation, says Schroders’ chief economist

SINGAPORE (April 18): Schroders’ Chief Economist & Strategist Keith Wade says populist policies to restrict trade and migration are likely to lead to stagflation which could impact Asia and the

Investing strategy

How one asset manager is preparing for Trumpflation

SINGAPORE (Nov 24): With Donald Trump headed to the White House, Schroder’s Marcus Brookes now expects his presidential policies to pile on further price pressure, otherwise known as the ‘Trumpflat

Central banks need to stop living in a fantasy world

SINGAPORE (Nov 7): Central banks have been largely ineffective in creating credit within their economies despite repeated efforts at tweaking their monetary policy, and Huw van Steenis, the Global

The crisis mindset: how investors paralysed by fear could be missing opportunities

The "sentiment cycle" suggests why so many investors miss out on market opportunities. Fund manager Malcolm Melville explains why we may now be in the most positive phase.

5 ways to re-energise your portfolio

SINGAPORE (Aug 17): With all the global hype surrounding American electric car maker Tesla this year, it’s no wonder industrial and automotive players are beginning to foresee a long-term race to b

7 things we could learn from Japan’s business environment

SINGAPORE (July 15): As many as 3,146 companies in Japan were founded over two centuries ago – with the history of some even dating back to over a thousand years ago.

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