Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Wrong to paint entire palm oil industry as orangutan killers, says plantation CEO

(Dec 17): Carl Bek-Nielsen, who’s about to give a tour of the palm oil plantations he runs in Malaysia, is reflecting on a story by the New York Times earlier this year about an orangutan that was shot 74 times and found close to death on an oil palm es

Palm oil

Smallholders' big impact

Smallholders contribute 35% of Indonesia’s palm oil output. However, there is little incentive for them to farm sustainably, and the industry will not change until they do. In this second of our two-parter on the issues surrounding palm oil production (

Sector Focus

Olam announces third palm plantation to achieve RSPO certification

SINGAPORE (May 2): Olam International says its Mouila Lot 3 palm plantation in Gabon has become Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified.

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The palm oil complex

Consumers and investors in Europe want the palm oil industry to be sustainable. It comes with a cost that is likely to be paid by the oil’s biggest market — Asia. In this first of a two-parter on the industry, we look at the complexities of certificat

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The pushback against palm oil

SINGAPORE (Dec 7): The pushback against palm oil is escalating given the industry has been accused of everything from widespread deforestation and transboundary pollution to displacement of wildlife and even human rights abuses.