Rolex has, for decades, played a role in many screen gems. But the truth is, these watches are as iconic as  the movies or the actors.


The art of storytelling

SINGAPORE (May 8): Movies transport us to a magical world where we indulge in our fantasies or discover new and faraway lands or take us on a trip to the future.


Winners and Losers

SINGAPORE (Apr 24): The latest news on watch fairs; creative ways to stay home while Pirelli cancels its annual calendar 


Time stands still as Rolex shuts all plants, prepares for worst year ever

(Mar 19): The Swiss watch industry has survived lickings before, but Rolex, Omega and Cartier now face a combination of economic punches putting them back on their heels.

Things to do

Your Week Out

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): New exhibitions, fresh takes on classical music to powerful tipples, we round up the most exciting events you need to know about.


Time to act

Rolex’s Perpetual Planet campaign draws businesses, scientists, governments and communities together to bring about positive change.


Rolex perpetual planet: four things to know

A primer to Rolex’s environmental conservation efforts


Towards a perpetual planet

With the launch of the Perpetual Planet Extreme Expeditions, Rolex takes its partnership with the National Geographic Society to new heights — and depths — to ensure exploration and conservatio


Race for innovation

The new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42 continues to celebrate Rolex’s long-standing relationship with the world of yacht clubs and regattas.


The global watch market flourishes

SINGAPORE (Mar 18): In the last few years, well over US$42 billion ($57 billion) a year in total turnover was seen in the international watch market, which has more than 850,000 players.

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