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SINGAPORE (Aug 5): “If you want marines to drive away the Chinese fishermen, not one of them will come home alive.”Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, def

Terror threat at ‘unprecedented’ level, warn Southeast Asian defense chiefs

HONG KONG / SINGAPORE (June 5): Southeast Asian defense officials are urging greater regional security cooperation to counter what they say is the growing threat of Islamic State-linked extremists.

Financial markets withstand Islamic State clashes; Philippines says fight nearing end

MANILA (May 29): Philippine forces said they’re in control of most of Marawi, the southern city where almost 100 people were killed and 60,000 displaced following clashes in the past week between t

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Get ready for the Southeast Asian infrastructure boom

MANILA/SINGAPORE/KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 20): Manila’s Metro Pacific Investments Corp., Indonesia’s PT Krakatau Steel and Airports of Thailand Pcl are a

Rodrigo Duterte

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Duterte outbursts start scaring US companies, industry says

MANILA (Nov 14): Signs of investor discontent with Rodrigo Duterte’s outbursts against the US are multiplying with American companies starting to hold off investing in the Philippines, the nation’s

Rodrigo Duterte, president of Philippines


With Duterte in charge, should we worry about the Philippines?

Since Rodrigo Duterte became president, much of the news about the Philippines has focused on the large number of extrajudicial killings that appear to be connected to his controversial war on drug

Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte heads to Beijing looking for Chinese business deals

MANILA / HONG KONG (Oct 17): Before he was elected president, Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte promised to use a jet ski to reclaim a disputed reef seized by China.

Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell,' warns of breakup

MANILA (Oct 5): Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte told President Barack Obama "you can go to hell" in a speech Tuesday that was his strongest tirade so far against the US over its criticism of his

Duterte seeks arms from China, ends joint patrols with US

(Sept 13): Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he’s considering buying weapons from Russia and China while also ending joint patrols with US forces in the South China Sea.

Rodrigo Duterte

After insult, US and Clinton call for Duterte to show respect

WASHINGTON/LONDON (Sept 7): The US State Department and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday stressed the need for ties with the Philippines to be based on mutual respect, a

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