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Tech news in less than 5 minutes – November 2021

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Making the world a safer, smarter place with technology - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Digital Economy

Making the world a safer, smarter place with technology

Here's how Certis is helping customers ensure their operations and technology work hand-in-hand to enhance the physical world.


Smarter and cheaper robots are making fund managers sit up and pay attention

SINGAPORE (Oct 7): The word “robot” was coined in a Czech science-fiction novel in 1920. The term was derived from the Czech word “robota”, which means forced labour. In the novel, the robots were a group of artificial people who were initially ha


The one job in banking the robots cannot take

SINGAPORE (Sept 2): When HSBC Holdings thwarted a US$500 million ($694 million) central-bank heist, sophisticated computer software did not raise the alarm. The funds flowed undetected from Angola’s reserves to a dormant company’s account in London. I

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Battling eight giants with basic income

SINGAPORE (Jan 28): In 1942, British economist and social reformer William Beveridge issued an epoch-defining report that established a model for welfare states in the post-war era. He recognised that the old social protection system had broken down and t

Aviation & Engineering

The airport of the future is here. And it doesn't need humans

(Sept 17): Imagine landing at a major airport and the only human official you meet on your way through the terminal is a customs officer.

Startups, Entrepreneurs, Digital economy

Amazon robots poised to revamp how Whole Foods runs warehouses

SEATTLE/NEW YORK (June 27): When Inc.'s US$13.7 billion ($19 billion) bid to buy Whole Foods was announced, John Mackey, the grocer's chief executive officer, addressed employees, gushing about Amazon's technological innovation.

Singapore rolls out the red carpet for robo-advisers

(June 12): Singapore is thinking of making life easy for robot advisers.


What does the rise of robots in the workplace actually mean?

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): Almost all economists agree that digital technologies are performing many jobs once done by humans.