Right timing

Right Timing

Time for STI to gain strength against SPX

SINGAPORE (May 1): The US market had one of its best months in the past 30 years in April. However, May could turn out to be more volatile.

Right Timing

STI breaks out of minor resistance, setting upside target

SINGAPORE (April 17): Chart breakouts show potential. Sometimes we never get to the potential. Still, for the Straits Times Index, there is good news, and bad news.

Right Timing

STI rebound fails but establishes resistance at 2,561

SINGAPORE (April 4): The rebound that took place in the week of March 23–27 failed to get past 2,561 reached on March 27, establishing this as a resistance level.

Right Timing

Rebound can move higher before fizzling out

SINGAPORE (March 27): In normal circumstances, resistance levels appear at previous highs and areas of congestion.

Right Timing

Paltry rebound for STI; new support at 2,311

SINGAPORE (March 20): In normal times, the market should have rebounded earlier and the Straits Times Index should have rebounded 200 points to 2,620. But these are not normal times.

Right Timing

STI readies for rebound

SINGAPORE (March 13): Finally, a white candle appeared on Friday the 13th.

A white candle shows that the Straits Times Index closed at a higher level than it opened.

Right Timing

STI remains weak as it tests 2018 low

SINGAPORE (March 6): At times of sharp declines, important lows provide support.

The STI has moved below the Oct 2018 low of 2,972 and is testing the intra-day Oct 2018 low of 2,961.

Right Timing

STI oversold in short term, weak in long term

SINGAPORE (Feb 28): Important lows provide support and he intermediate low for the Straits Times Index is at 2,972 which happened in October 2018 was.

Right Timing

STI held down by some heavyweights

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): The outlook is uncertain according to the many strategy reports that are published daily.

Chart 1: STI with moving averages and momentum

Right Timing

Resistance approaches for STI; breakout challenging

SINGAPORE (Feb 14): Resistance for the Straits Times Index appears near its current level of 3,220 to 3,231, at the confluence of the 50- and 200- day moving averages.

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