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Short term bounce aside, STI's downdrift likely to persist

The Straits Times Index drifted lower, losing around 25 points week-on-week to end at 2,472. Its movement was a lot more benign than the volatility that has befallen the US markets.

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STI: Indicators stay weak as volatility sets in

With quarterly momentum in sharp retreat, and the Straits Times Index negatively placed vis-a-vis its 50- and 100-day moving averages, both coalescing around 2,570 and 2,587 respectively, lower lev

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STI: Some indicators turn negative despite a steady market

The Straits Times Index stayed within a narrow range during the week, ending at at 2,509, down 30 points.

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STI stabilises but stuck in narrow range; banks could firm

The Straits Times Index stayed within a narrow range during the week, ending at 2,539, up 11 points week-on-week but below the 50-day moving average at 2,596 and its 100-day moving average at 2,589

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STI could stabilise initially but likely to weaken towards end-month

Although the Straits Times Index started the week on a firm note, it lost most of its gains, and ended 53 points lower week-on-week.

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A relatively stable week ahead as short-term indicators turn up

The Straits Times Index rose 36 points week-on-week to 2,581, supported by an upturn in short-term stochastics.

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Directional movement hints of selling pressure ahead

Directional movement comprises of ADX which attempts to identify whether the market is trending or moving sideways, and directional indicators or DIs.

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Short-term sideways but rally could return

SINGAPORE (July 17): Week-on-week, the Straits Times Index slipped to 2,618, from 2,652. However, the chart pattern shows resilience.

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Latent strength keeps market on steady path

SINGAPORE (July 9): Although the Straits Times Index ended the shortened trading week of July 6-9 unchanged at 2,652, indicators have strengthened.

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Support holds, expect all round steadier phase

SINGAPORE (July 3): Support at the 2,620 area has held for the Straits Times Index, as has its 50-day moving average — currently at 2,607. On July 3, the STI closed at 2,652.

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