Richard Branson


Holiday specials

As travel restrictions are changing rapidly around the world, many travellers are a bit apprehensive about spending their holidays abroad.

Global stocks

Why Wall Street is gaga over blank-cheque SPACs

In late June, Hong Kong-based private-equity executive Kenneth Ng listed Malacca Straits Acquisition Co on Nasdaq, raising US$144 million ($197 million).

China's Belt & Road Initiative

Junta critic says Thailand needs Hyperloop not Chinese rail

SINGAPORE (Oct 2): A tycoon turned politician who opposes Thailand’s military government has criticised its US$5.6 billion ($7.7 billion) high-speed rail project with China because hyperloop techno


Billionaire moguls join Musk, Bezos in race to outer space

(Aug 22): Think billionaires and outer space and three names quickly come to mind: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.

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