Regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP)

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Blue dots or red spots?

(Dec 13): In the sidelines of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership conference in Bangkok, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the US-led Blue Dot Network.

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China's Belt and Road Initiative offers stability

(Nov 18): The only feature that can be relied upon in the US-led trade war with China is that US President Donald Trump cannot be relied upon.

China Focus

Investors reassured by China's commitment to free trade

(Nov 11): Those who thought China was losing the trade war are wrong. Those who thought China could be intimidated into retreating from its commitment to free trade are wrong.

Global Economy

China to work with Asia to secure world trade, ex-PBOC head says

(Sept 22): China will work with other Asian countries to safeguard international trade rules, as well as the monetary and financial order, according to its former central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochu


Dreams of an Asia-Pacific trade pact by year-end fading again

(Sept 4): Hopes of finishing a monster Asia-Pacific trade pact by year’s end, and pushing back against a wave of protectionism, may be headed for disappointment again.

SE Asian economies

China-backed Asia trade deal pushed back to 2019 amid delays

SINGAPORE (Nov 13): Asian nations gave up hopes of completing a 16-nation trade bloc this year, with Chinese and Australian officials now looking to finalise the deal in 2019.

PM Lee unsure if China-backed trade pact will be finalised this year

(Sept 12): Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday said he was not sure if an agreement on major regional trade pact backed by China will be finalised this year.

World's biggest trading bloc a step closer after Tokyo meeting

SINGAPORE (July 1): Asian trade ministers took another step toward creating what could be the world’s biggest trading bloc on Sunday, expressing hope that a deal could be signed by the end of this

Investing strategy

Asia at risk amid US protectionist rhetoric

SINGAPORE (Jan 9): HSBC Global Research on Monday says that trade – the cornerstone of Asia’s economy – is poised to take a tumble with growing protectionist sentiment, especially in the US.

Asia, China Trade

Asia should wrap up China-led trade talks quickly: ADB

(Dec 7): The death knell sounding for a US-led Pacific trade pact creates a vacuum that a separate Asia deal being championed by China should quickly fill, according to the Asian Development Bank.

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