Euro slips with Asian stocks while bonds rise as Italy votes no

WELLINGTON (Dec 5): The euro retreated with riskier assets, while bonds advanced, amid concern the failure of Italy’s referendum on constitutional reform will destabilize the country, emboldening anti-Europe and nationalist forces.

Europeans are waiting for these 5 upcoming elections with bated breath

SINGAPORE (Nov 15): Brexit and the US presidential election were inarguably two of the most major global political events of 2016. Yet, they are potentially only the beginning of much more to come.

Now that the most divisive presidential election in US history has come to an end, another continent in political turmoil will soon be stepping into the arena: Europe.

Will these upcoming key elections produce even more shock results this year, and in the first half of 2017?  

Be informed of the stories that matter


Be informed of the stories that matter