V, L, or 'Nike swoosh'? Economists debate shape of global recovery

SINGAPORE (Apr 3): Economists are serving up a menu of alphabet soup in trying to forecast the world economy’s recovery from what is set to be the deepest recession since at least 2009 — and perhap

Global Economy

Analysts divided on whether the market rout is past its worst

(Mar 30): Strategists at JPMorgan Chase & Co have concluded that most risk assets – a universe that typically includes stocks and credit – have seen their low points for the recession that’s gr

Singapore economy

Singapore bankruptcies started surging even before coronavirus hit

SINGAPORE (Mar 24): Singapore is bracing for a further jump in bankruptcies after cases surged to the highest in years even before the coronavirus pandemic hit.


Impact of a lockdown

As Malaysia hunkers down for the Covid-19 pandemic, what will it mean for Singapore’s businesses and workers?

Global Economy

Who will pay the highest price in the wake of the Covid-19 fallout?

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): China has reduced the contagion practically to zero with the drastic measures it adopted and now the workers returning to their jobs (except in Hubei, the most affected

US Economy

What scenarios has the US equity market priced in?

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, market downturn and fear of worse, investors confront a key question: What have the markets already priced in?

Global Economy

Missiles strike, concerns spike

The US has reignited geopolitical tensions with Iran, even as the trade war with China goes on.

Global Economy

Is economic winter coming?

(Nov 18): What could trigger a recession in the US? In the past, a tightening labour market after a period of expansion served as an early warning sign.

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SINGAPORE (Nov 4): “Being obsessed with the movement of some money and people to Singapore — and ignoring the movement of people and money elsewhere to [the US], Canada, Australia, the UK,

Global Economy

Can synchronised stagnation be stopped?

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): The global economic slowdown is turning into a synchronised stagnation, with some major economies growing only weakly and others barely at all — or even contracting slightly.

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