Asian consumption on upward trend despite weak G7 growth in 2018: Oxford Economics

SINGAPORE (May 25): Relatively weak consumption growth is likely to persist across G7 nations this year, says Oxford Economics on the belief that the impact of a recovery in real incomes will be dampened by higher oil prices and waning wealth effects going forward. 

The research firm’s baseline forecast is for G7 household spending growth to remain broadly stable in 2018, but for the key drivers – namely income, housing wealth, equity wealth and interest rates – to rotate.

Things will get worse for the Malaysian ringgit: BMI Research


HONG KONG (Jan 5): Malaysia’s ringgit, one of Asia’s worst-performing currencies over the past year, has further to fall, according to BMI Research.

CPF interest rates, HDB mortgage rates unchanged in 3Q

CPF logo

SINGAPORE (May 18): Central Provident Fund (CPF) members will continue to earn at least 2.5% interest on their Ordinary Account (OA) and 4% interest on their Special and Medisave Accounts (SMA) in 3Q ending 30 September 2016, Singapore’s CPF Board announced on Wednesday.

CPF OA interest rates are computed quarterly, with members earning either the legislated minimum interest rate of 2.5%, or the 3-month average interest rates of major local banks, whichever is higher. OA interest rate will be kept at 2.5% as the computed interest rate was 0.24%.

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Be informed of the stories that matter