2 in 5 employees in Singapore plan to switch jobs this year: Randstad

SINGAPORE (June 19): Macroeconomic uncertainty? Cautious labour market? Workers in Singapore are throwing caution to the wind and planning to switch jobs anyway, if the latest report by recruitment firm Randstad is to be believed.

Nearly two in five Singapore employees surveyed say they have plans to find a new employer in 2019, according to the Employer Brand Research 2019 report.

This is close to double of the 20% of respondents in Singapore that changed employers last year, according to Randstad.

More hiring activity expected amid economic growth: Randstad

SINGAPORE (Sept 11): Companies have started building on their human resources capabilities in order to manage expected organisational expansion amid steady GDP growth forecasts, according to recruitment firm Randstad.

Instead of a hiring boost typically seen between April and September every year, there has been a steady demand for human resources professionals so far in 2018, according to the agency in a quarterly market update for 2Q18.

Singapore's manufacturing talent must evolve to address new challenges: Randstad

SINGAPORE (Sept 5): A growing number of companies in Singapore’s manufacturing sector have been jumping on the digital bandwagon by exploring how manufacturing intelligence and automation can help meet their business objectives, reduce cost and improve efficiencies, according to Randstad Singapore’s observations.

In its latest Manufacturing Workforce Trends report, the recruitment firm says manufacturing employees will need to acknowledge the need to be flexible and adaptable to "inevitable changes" in their job scopes with the advent of emerging technologies.

Hiring for these banking & financial services roles remained robust in 2Q: Randstad

SINGAPORE (Aug 6): Randstad Singapore says 2Q hiring activities have increased for front- to middle-back office operations in the banking & financial services sector, following a quarter of strong economic growth that was partly driven by the finance and insurance sectors.

Singaporeans eager to upskill, but not entirely from their own pockets: Randstad

SINGAPORE (Apr 4): Singapore recorded the highest number of employees in Southeast Asia who expect their government to offer incentives should they choose to develop their professional competencies or remain in the workforce.

Based on the results from the Randstad Workmonitor study for 4Q17, 80% of employees surveyed globally believe their governments should offer incentives such as tax rebates and subsidies if they choose to further develop their professional competencies.

Singaporeans least optimistic about seeing a pay rise this year: Randstad

SINGAPORE (Mar 5): Singaporean employees are Asia’s least optimistic about a wage growth this year, according to Randstad Workmonitor’s survey results for 4Q17.  

The online study – which encompasses Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas with a minimum sample size of 400 interviews per country – found that at least half of employees around the world aged 18-65 are expecting salary hikes and bonuses in 2018.

53% of job seekers turned off by lengthy recruitment process

SINGAPORE (Nov 20): One in two or about 53% of job seekers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia say that they develop a negative impression of the prospective employer if the hiring process takes longer than expected, according to Randstad Candidate Expectations Survey 2017.

The survey also reported that job seekers tend to prioritise an efficient hiring process as compared to other factors such as the company’s reputation and workplace environment.

38% of unhappy Singaporeans looking to leave their jobs, says Randstad

SINGAPORE (June 15): Nearly four out of 10 or 38% of disgruntled workers in Singapore and Hong Kong have plans to leave their companies in the next six months, says the latest Randstad survey.

In Malaysia, the figure is slightly lower at 35%.

The 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research report also revealed that young male employees across the three markets were most likely to leave. 

What’s holding Asia’s millennials back from unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit?

SINGAPORE (March 29): A higher proportion of employees across Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia (37%) are considering leaving their current job to start on their own business compared to the global average of 28%.

This is according to the latest research conducted by HR services firm Randstad Group based on data collected from the Workmonitor Mobility Index, which tracks employee confidence and captures expectations surrounding the likelihood of changing employers within a six-month time frame.

Is the Singapore economy about to get worse? 61% of employees here think so

SINGAPORE (Dec 21): 62% of employees in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia believe that the economic situation in their country is about to get worse in 2017, above the global average of 49%.

These findings came from Randstad’s Workmonitor Mobility Index, which tracks employee confidence and their likelihood of changing employers within a six-month period.

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