Raghuram Rajan

US Economy

Fed rate cut hopes by March are 'optimistic', ex-IMF chief economist Rajan says

'The problem is the labour market is hot'

Environmental, Social and Governance

Deglobalisation is a climate threat

Even if we cannot currently agree on a global climate action plan, we still must preserve the basis for cooperation.

Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets hit a Covid wall

The Covid-19 pandemic and the retreat of globalisation have widened the financial fortunes between developed and emerging economies. Does it mean the end of an era of supercharged catch-up growth for EMs?



SINGAPORE (May 13): “I have waited my entire career to trade a stock like this, and to open an IPO like Uber.” — Pete Giacchi, senior trader at Citadel Securities. Uber is set to start trading on May 10.

In print this week

Populist nationalism a path that leads nowhere good

(Mar 29): Populist nationalist leaders pledge to make their country “great again” by ridding it of the constraints imposed by international agreements and bodies.

Five investing ideas in a world of shrinking growth

SINGAPORE (Aug 15): Economic growth and productivity have slowed in many developed countries since the global financial crisis, despite efforts by central banks to raise liquidity and stimulate demand.

Rajan urges India to ‘stay the course’ on inflation

MUMBAI (June 21): India’s outgoing central bank governor Raghuram Rajan urged his successor on Monday to “stay the course” on pushing down inflation, in his first comments since he announced he was stepping down.

RBI's Raghuram Rajan shock decision to quit and what they are saying about it

The former International Monetary Fund chief economist wasn’t shy in speaking out on topics outside monetary policy. He used his post as a bully pulpit to advocate for going after tycoons he described as crooked, liberating the poor from “venal” pol