quantitative easing (QE)

Global Economy

What next for unconventional monetary policies?

(Dec 2): The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bankers’ club in Basel, Switzerland, recently conducted an in-depth evaluation of the unconventional monetary policies that have b

Global Economy

Bank of England can reverse QE without hurting economy: Vlieghe

(Sept 26): The Bank of England can reverse its huge bond-buying stimulus programme without sharply pushing up long-term interest rates and hurting the economy, as long it explains the plan properly

Investing strategy

Do rising interest rates reduce returns on income investment?

(Oct 9): Our research, which looks at episodes of rising rates since 1970, suggests income-producing assets do not perform as investors might expect.

Global Markets

It’s tricky to unwind QE when central banks hold up to 20% of government debt

(Aug 16): Leading central banks now hold as much as 20% of government debt.

Beware of rising yields on reverse QE

(Aug 14): There has been quite a bit of talk and concern surrounding the US Federal Reserve’s rate hikes and their potential negative impact on equity markets.

In print this week

Will we be crushed by reverse QE?

SINGAPORE (Aug 11): Forget the US Federal Reserve’s rate hikes.

Investing strategy

How one asset manager is preparing for Trumpflation

SINGAPORE (Nov 24): With Donald Trump headed to the White House, Schroder’s Marcus Brookes now expects his presidential policies to pile on further price pressure, otherwise known as the ‘Trumpflat

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