Quah Su-Ling

2013 Penny Stock Crash

No 'comeback' for John Soh despite 'over-abusing' the word after crash

SINGAPORE (July 9): John Soh, who is at the centre of a trial for allegedly manipulating three penny stocks in 2013 that subsequently led to their crash, made a couple of attempts to stage a “comeb

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Putting every sin at Soh's doorstep?

SINGAPORE (July 9): Sreenivasan attempted to get Gan to agree that his client did not have that much control over the manipulation of BAL shares as painted out to be.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

John Soh's 'generals' told to 'defend' BAL shares – only to end up as bankrupts

SINGAPORE (June 26): For more than three years in the run-up to the penny stock crash back in October 2013, a group of brokers had actively executed trading orders supposedly instructed by John Soh



SINGAPORE (Mar 6): “The only way to stop it is if you were to isolate and shut ourselves out from the world.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Abettor-turned-prosecution witness Tjoa admits to witness tampering, lying to CAD

SINGAPORE (Mar 4): Prosecution witness Henry Tjoa, the former Phillips Securities remisier who was once part of the “inner circle” of brokers used by alleged masterminds John Soh Chee Wen and Quah

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Bankrupted remisier Tjoa admits to making commissions of more than $1 mil in a year from market rolling operations

SINGAPORE (Mar 3): Former Phillip Securities remisier Henry Tjoa admitted to raking in some $1 million in commissions from rolling the shares of LionGold Corp, Blumont Group and Asiasons Capital (n

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Prosecution witness Tjoa says feared being charged for market manipulation

SINGAPORE (Mar 2): Prosecution witness Henry Tjoa in court on Monday said he was concerned that he would be charged for market manipulation “from the very first day” he was roped into market rollin

2013 Penny Stock Crash

John Soh claimed ex-SGX chief regulator Teng fed him updates on CAD probe: Prosecution witness

SINGAPORE (Feb 18): Former abettor-turned-prosecution witness Ken Tai Chee Ming in court on Feb 18 alleged that Richard Teng, the former chief regulatory officer of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), wa

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Prosecution witness Ken Tai earned $8,588 worth of commissions in a day from 'churning' LionGold shares, defence counsel claims

SINGAPORE (Jan 17): Prosecution witness Ken Tai Chee Ming on Friday admitted that he had raked in thousands of dollars’ worth of commissions in a single day from the trading of shares in LionGold C

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Witness Ken Tai claims to have left queues in the system not for own benefit but to prevent 'haunted counters'

SINGAPORE (Jan 16): Prosecution witness Ken Tai Chee Ming has again denied making unauthorised trades as a market operator for shares in LionGold Corp in order to churn commission for himself.

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