purpose built workers accommodation (PBWA)

Dorm crunch underpins Centurion’s better 1HFY2023 - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Dorm crunch underpins Centurion’s better 1HFY2023

The shortage of bed supply for migrant workers has pushed rents up, benefiting dormitory operators like Centurion Corp.
Centurion sees revenue fall by 13% to $30.7 mil in 1Q21 on lower revenue in PBSA segment - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Centurion sees revenue fall by 13% to $30.7 mil in 1Q21 on lower revenue in PBSA segment

Centurion says it remains positive on the long-term outlook for its globally diversified specialised accommodation portfolio.


New facilities housing mildly ill or recovering migrant workers in dormitories to come; Singaporeans to remain vigilant as community transmission eases

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong urged Singaporeans to remain vigilant, noting that "it only takes one case - one hidden case, one cryptic case - to cause new clusters to form”.

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RHB remains 'neutral' towards Centurion despite its Covid-19 bug

Collectively, the hit from the pandemic on the group’s PBSA and PBWA properties has made Lee and Cai shaving their FY20F-22F earnings by 25% (FY20), 15% (FY21), and 4% (FY22) respectively.

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Centurion to stay resilient despite digs to its student and workers' accommodation : DBS

Looking ahead, Ling believes the operator has sufficient liquidity to tide the short-term challenges of the crisis.


Centurion's Covid-19 bug intensifies as it allows UK students to terminate their leases early with an expected £5m revenue loss

While the spread of the virus among migrant workers has intensified in the past week, the operator says the outbreak has not impacted its financial occupancy so far, the group states


Record high 942 new cases sees Singapore's tally inching towards 6,000; stay-home notice issued to all work permit holders in construction sector

Of the new cases, 79% are linked to known clusters while the rest are pending contact tracing, the Ministry of Health announced in its daily update.


New Covid-19 cases hits 623, taking Singapore's tally past 5,000 mark, but Minister Lawrence Wong warns of a 'long fight' ahead

Singapore’s daily average number of cases has dipped from 40 to 32 since the circuit-breaker begun on April 7. Even so, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong says the city state should prepare for a “long fight”.


Covid-19 within workers' dorms to crimp construction sector

Foreign workers are the unsung heroes who form the backbone of Singapore’s modern city. They carry out the largest part of the republic’s construction activity and are responsible for the well-paved roads, skyscraper buildings and iconic garden city.


Record 287 Covid-19 cases makes one message clear: 'don’t socialise and stay home'

“The key message is: stay home. Go out only for essential services. Don’t socialise. The long weekend is coming – don’t go out, but instead call your family and friends or chat with them through video conferencing,” advises Health Minister Gan Kim Yong.