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Asia after the pandemic storm

SINGAPORE (June 19): The world has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic. Most economic activity has been suspended. The Asia Pacific region will not escape unscathed.

Company in the news

ComfortDelGro taxis to deliver essential medical supplies in addition to food and groceries

SINGAPORE (June 2): In addition to delivering food and groceries under its month-old delivery service ComfortDelivery, ComfortDelGro’s cabbies will now deliver essential medical supplies to patient


False negatives in Covid-19 testing could hinder containment efforts

(Apr 13): False-negative results from coronavirus tests are becoming an increasing concern, say doctors trying to diagnose patients and get a grip on the outbreak, as a surprising number of people


Oxford researchers expect vaccine by September

(Apr 13): A vaccine against the coronavirus could be ready by September, according to a scientist leading one of Britain’s most advanced teams.

Global Economy

After Covid-19, things will never be the same again

(Apr 9): Every economic shock leaves a legacy. The deadly coronavirus will be no different.


Preventing permanent damage from the pandemic

(Apr 9): Malaysia still has a fighting chance of escaping a recession this year, according to Bank Negara Malaysia’s 2020 GDP growth projection range of –2% to 0.5% versus 4.3% recorded in 2019.

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