Prudential Singapore

Disruption and Digitalisation

Prudential partners Ngee Ann Polytechnic to launch machine learning programme to prep workforce for digital economy

SINGAPORE (Feb 10): Nigel Chan, a 28-year-old performance management analyst in Prudential Singapore’s distribution division, is well aware of the need to invest time in keeping up with digital tre


Changing mindsets to meet needs of the ageing population

SINGAPORE (Nov 12): When it comes to keeping older workers employed, Singapore has scored well among developed nations. But more can be done, says London Business School Professor Andrew Scott.


Prudential Singapore rolls out cashless medical service at two private hospitals

SINGAPORE (Nov 5): Prudential Singapore has rolled out a service allowing its customers to receive cashless medical services when seeking treatment from participating specialists at Raffles Hospita


Are Singapore businesses doing enough for 'vulnerable' older workers?

SINGAPORE (Sept 18): With more than a third of the working-age population in Singapore projected to be above the age of 50 by 2030, businesses here will increasingly need to do more to tap the tale


Prudential extends medical coverage for workers up to 100 years old

SINGAPORE (Sept 3): The thought of living and working up to 100 years old might give reason to cheer or groan – depending on how you look at it.


Prudential Singapore raises CPF contribution rates for older workers

SINGAPORE (Aug 8): Prudential Singapore has raised its Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution rate for its employees above the age of 55, in a move to help its older employees better prepare for

Singapore Fintech Festival 2018

Digitally transformed, Prudential rethinks insurance with 'Ready for 100 in Singapore' initiative

SINGAPORE (Nov 12): On Oct 18, Prudential Singapore held a town hall, during which it encouraged its employees to sign up for the PRUedge Challenge, which started on Nov 1.

Labour market

Prudential scraps retirement age for employees

SINGAPORE (Oct 23): Noreen Wee has been working with Prudential Singapore for 18 years as a lead writer in policy contracts. Now 62 years old, she was set to retire in December this year.

Live to 100? No thanks, say Singaporeans

SINGAPORE (Sept 25): Through the ages, legends abound about the search for elixirs of immortality.

This insurance firm is getting its workforce ready for the future

SINGAPORE (Apr 18): Gerardine Lim, the customer support lead for Prudential Singapore’s intelligent chat-bot, askPRU, never stops learning.

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