Indonesia: Another push for growth

Structural improvements in Indonesia’s economy brought about by the Omnibus bill will be more obvious once the pandemic is over.

Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong in the balance

(Sept 30): Hong Kong has long played an integral role in Asian and global economic development. But its future as a key nerve center for global business and finance is in serious jeopardy, as is its role as a bridge between mainland China and the outside

Inclusive society

Singapore's youth are happier than Hong Kong's: survey

(July 31): Hong Kong’s youth were less happy than their peers in Singapore even before historic protests erupted against legislation allowing extraditions to China, a survey by the City University of Hong Kong showed.

China Focus

Nervous Hong Kong millionaires are moving their cash to Singapore

(July 13): Private bankers are being flooded with inquiries from investors in Hong Kong who are worried about the long-term effects of the political crisis in the Chinese city.


Hong Kong locked in stalemate after protesters face tear gas

(June 12): Protesters who have flooded downtown Hong Kong to stop the government’s proposed extradition law effectively present the city’s leaders with an ultimatum: back down, or risk violent clashes that could be worse than the Occupy movement in 20