Project Orchid


MAS CBDC and tokenisation projects developments

Key updates on Project Orchid and Project Guardian.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

MAS launches blueprint outlining technology infrastructure required to facilitate digital money transactions

The blueprint builds on learnings from the Project Orchid industry trials.

Digital Economy

Grab partners Circle to pilot Web3 features in Singapore

The collaboration supports the MAS's Project Orchid initiative as a real-world demonstration of Purpose Bound Money.


Keeping abreast of MAS’s collaborative fintech projects

These projects — many of which are ongoing — involve the areas of remittance, atomic settlement and programmable money.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

MAS pilot Project Orchid displays promise for further Web 3.0 development

Project Orchid ‘a safe way’ for Singaporeans to trial blockchain technology


MAS outlines five desired outcomes of Singapore fintech collaboration

Asset tokenisation has transformative potential, says MAS MD Ravi Menon.

Digital Economy

MAS to test concept of purpose-bound digital SGD at SFF 2022 and through other means

The central bank had released a report detailing the uses of purpose-bound digital SGD.
MAS embarks on 'Project Orchid' to build retail CBDC capabilities  - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Singapore FinTech Festival 2021

MAS embarks on 'Project Orchid' to build retail CBDC capabilities

The MAS recognises that there could be potential benefits offered by innovative retail CBDC solutions in the future.