Nico Steel announces monthly order wins totalling 22 tonnes from new & existing customers

SINGAPORE (Dec 3): Nico Steel Holdings says it has received new monthly orders amounting to about 22 tonnes of aluminium alloy materials per month.

Out of the new monthly orders, about 20 tonnes comes from an existing customer whom Nico refers to as a “major global brand of tablets”, and who intends to use the alloy material to fabricate the LED back panel of competitively-priced tablets.

A remaining 1.8 tonne-per-month order is from a new customer, described as “one of the top printer solutions manufacturers in the world”.

Growth on the horizon for Fu Yu Corp after 3-year decline

Fu Yu Corp logo

SINGAPORE (Sept 21): Fu Yu Corporation says its revenue decline over the past three years will see a reversal by early FY17, after bottoming out in FY16.

The precision injection moulds and plastic parts provider explained that its gross margins have risen from 7.1% in FY11 to 16.7% in 1HFY16. In addition, it posted a positive growth in core earnings in FY14 and FY15, even as group revenue continued to slide for the past three consecutive years.

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