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A pandemic is no time for US economic sanctions

(Mar 27): Over the past several years, US President Donald Trump’s administration has unilaterally imposed harsh economic sanctions on several countries whose governments it seeks to punish.

US Economy

Winners and losers in US$2 tril virus rescue plan passed by Congress

(Mar 27): Days of negotiations between the Trump administration and Congress — and fierce lobbying by industries eager for assistance dealing with the coronavirus outbreak — has yielded a rescue pa


Donald Caesar

(Feb 14): The outcome of the US Senate’s trial of Donald Trump, following his impeachment by the House of Representatives, was a foregone conclusion.

US politics

US democracy in peril

WASHINGTON, DC – The fateful collision over whether US President Donald Trump should be removed from office revealed the alarming fragility of the Constitution that Americans have relied on for mor


Senate acquits Trump and ends divisive impeachment trial

(Feb 6): The US Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump on charges he abused his power and obstructed Congress, ending a historic, bitterly partisan fight and leaving the final judgment on hi

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MAD about Sino-American trade

SINGAPORE (Oct 1): Now that US President Donald Trump has imposed a 10% tariff on yet another US$200 billion ($272.8 billion) worth of Chinese imports, the US-China trade war has entered a costly n

Global Economy

Fed raises rates and says more coming, brushing off Trump jabs

(Sept 27): Federal Reserve officials raised interest rates for a third time this year and reaffirmed their outlook for further gradual hikes well into 2019, risking fresh criticism from President D

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Trump's policies will displace the US dollar

SINGAPORE (Sept 10): Back in 1965, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, then France’s Minister of Finance, famously called the benefits that the US reaped from the dollar’s role as the world’s main reserve cu

Trump to back US$200 bil China tariffs as early as next week, sources say

WASHINGTON (Aug 31): President Donald Trump wants to move ahead with a plan to impose tariffs on US$200 billion ($273.5 billion) in Chinese imports as soon as a public-comment period concludes next

Global Economy

Good and bad on trade

(Aug 29): Fears of a global trade war, led by America, have diminished.

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