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Inflation is the biggest threat to the bedrock 60/40 portfolio

Persistent inflation could bring the traditional 60/40 mix of stocks and bonds to an end.

Financially Savvy

Finding the right mix for investing: Why portfolio and asset allocation are important

Oftentimes, investors focus on stock picking and attempt to pick stocks that will provide them with the best upside and returns in the shortest period of time.

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No panic...but manic trading

As we have said before, we do see light at the end of the tunnel, but we would be remiss not to caution against being swept up by the current hysteria.

Regulatory Action

MAS, SGX RegCo to safeguard interests of EHT unitholders; look into possible breaches of laws, listing rules

“EHT is not for the faint of heart. If you're a conservative investor, stick to quality REITs, and sell or avoid EHT,” says an investor who has pared his stake in the REIT from 28,000 units in December to 100 units now.

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Which will remain in 12 months' time - the Covid-19 pandemic or the effects of the stimulus?

Historically, analysts have never been very good at revising down earnings estimates, especially during crises. Worse, the current health crisis has no precedence for guidance.

Banking & finance

Broking a viable market

UOB Kay Hian has been involved in at least half of the Singapore IPOs. Choo points out that such a phenomenon is not new at all, and certainly not due to a new worry such as the Covid-19 outbreak.
Real estate investment beyond 2020: Going beyond location and yield


Real estate investment beyond 2020: Going beyond location and yield

(Jan 31): Will building skyports for flying cars become the latest “must have” feature for luxury residential buildings? Will there be human settlements on Mars?