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Profiting from the silver economy

SINGAPORE (Oct 19): Longevity is seen as an enormous business opportunity, especially in rapidly ageing economies countries such as Singapore, where people aged 65 and above are the fastest-growing

In print this week

How can Singapore turn 'old' into gold again?

SINGAPORE (Oct 19): For many Singaporeans, longevity can be scary without adequate finances or good health.

Singapore economy

Singapore ranks 13th globally for investments in education & health care, ahead of Japan

SINGAPORE (Sept 25): Singapore has risen 30 places over the last quarter-century to rank 13th among its global peers investing in education and healthcare in 2016, improving majorly from its 1990 r

China Focus

China’s growth leaders and laggards are worlds apart

SINGAPORE (May 11): When it comes to assessing the second largest economy in the world at current prices, simply referring to China as a whole does not do justice to the diversity of its 31 provinc

Singapore’s property market to benefit from population & economic growth ahead

SINGAPORE (April 3): Singapore’s property market is expected to benefit from a number of government policy changes that have recently begun to take effect, according to recent research data publish

Tokyo job fair

Global Economy

Tokyo has more than two job openings for every applicant

TOKYO (March 17): Graduate recruitment in Japan looks a bit like a scene from the movie "The Matrix." Hordes of students dressed in identical black suits and white shirts make the rounds of seminar

Global Economy

Lost sleep is costing Japan's economy billions

TOKYO (Feb 16): Sleep deprivation is doing more harm in Japan than just making people grumpy and unhealthy. It is also holding back the world’s third-largest economy.

Payback time for the demographic dividend

SINGAPORE (Nov 15): The world's demographic is in the midst of unravelling as population growth is rapidly declining in the US, Europe, Japan, China and most of Asia, according to the latest data f

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