The story of the two Souths: education, competition and corruption - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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The story of the two Souths: education, competition and corruption

Quality of education is a powerful predictor of a nation’s wealth in the long run.
Russia's mutiny underscores oil's fragility - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Russia's mutiny underscores oil's fragility

We’ve had a powerful, if brief, reminder of how much havoc even one bloke might wreak on our energy system

Global Economy

Rishi Sunak announces bid to be UK’s next prime minister

The only other candidate so far is Leader of the Commons, Penny Mordaunt.

Global Economy

Truss says it was Kwarteng who decided to cut UK's top tax rate

Truss said her government should have “laid the ground better”

US Presidential Race

The parties must go on

Political parties are expected to produce new ideas and policy plans, which a one-man show or family enterprise is unlikely to do.

Global Economy

Can a political-economy vicious circle be avoided?

(Dec 27): Domestic politics, geopolitics and economics will be intertwined in 2020 to an extent unmatched in decades. Weak economic performance and problematic governance in much of the world risk setting in motion a vicious circle: Adverse economic outco

Activist investment

Why the US' CEOs are talking about stakeholder capitalism

SINGAPORE (Nov 11): In August, the Business Roundtable, which comprises the CEOs of the US’ largest companies — with combined annual revenues of more than US$7 trillion ($9.5 trillion) — updated its long-standing statement regarding corporate purpos


Hong Kong pushes bill allowing extraditions to China despite biggest protest since handover

(June 11): Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam vowed on Monday to push ahead with amendments to laws allowing suspects to be extradited to mainland China, a day after the city’s biggest protest since its handover from British to Chinese rule in 1997.


Hong Kong protest draws up to 1 million in rebuff to China

HONG KONG (June 10): Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed government faced new pressure to withdraw legislation easing extraditions to China after as many as 1 million people turned out to oppose the measure.

China Focus

The lasting tragedy of Tiananmen Square

SINGAPORE (June 10): China’s progress towards an open society ended when the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) slaughtered at least hundreds, if not thousands, of peaceful demonstrators in and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on June 3 to 4, 1989. The