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New commodity opportunities arise as peak in fossil fuels looms

The transition to a clean energy economy will likely shake up the current geopolitical order
The productivity remedy - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


The productivity remedy

Growth and inflation over the next 10 years will be significantly influenced by productivity growth
Golden opportunity - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Golden opportunity

The yellow metal may be able to break its previous all-time high of US$2,075 per ounce recorded in August 2020, analysts say.
With a new norm this decade ahead, Pictet flags private equity and fixed income as better bets - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Investing strategies

With a new norm this decade ahead, Pictet flags private equity and fixed income as better bets

Scarcity of natural resources and labour will weigh on growth potential, even as higher inflation becomes the new normal

Investing strategies

Traditional 60/40 portfolio fights back in 2023, as Asia shows greater promise: Pictet

The 60/40 portfolio could be back with a vengeance as the correlation between treasuries and equities turns back negative in 2023.

Investing strategies

Higher structural inflation here to stay; owning Chinese equities a 'no-brainer': Pictet

Pictet's 10-year view on economies is that the global economy has now entered a "regime" of sustained structural inflation.

Investing strategies

Look to health, tech, infrastructure and clean energy as volatility remains: Pictet

The situation remains fragile in 2H2022, as geopolitical tensions lead to “increasing weaponisation of assets”.

Investing strategies

China signals reversal of tough rules, but Pictet wants more clarity before going back in

Tavazzi believes that investors have yet to fully appreciate the benefits of RCEP on Asean.

Investing strategies

As global GDP growth slows, Asean markets offer catch-up potential in 2022: Pictet

Pictet expects global real GDP growth to decline to 4.5% in 2022 from 5.8% in 2021 as most economies reach “cruising speed”.

Company in the news

Temasek remains bullish on China in long term; looks to companies focusing on digitisation and e-commerce as well

Temasek is also looking at companies that focus on cyber-security providers and increased sustainability.