Phase One trade deal

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China's recovery a boon for Asian high yield bonds

At the start of this year, Asian high yield bonds were one of the asset classes favoured by UBS Asset Management (UBS-AM) to outperform. Their valuations did not look overly stretched and fundamentals were firm. In fact, the US and C

US-China trade war

Trump threatens tariffs on China for alleged origin of Covid-19

US President Donald Trump claims to have seen evidence indicating its origins from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. “We’re going to see where it comes from,” Trump said at a White House ev

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Life after the Great Lockdown of 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is a set to disrupt every aspect of society – for better or worse. Say goodbye to life as you know it

US-China trade war

Singapore says Asia’s at 'turning point' as US, China face off

Previously, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had warned that Southeast Asian nations might one day be forced to choose between the U.S. and China if the world economy gets pulled apart into different blocs


Asean stands to gain from US-China phase one trade deal, AMRO says

But phase two of the US-China trade deal might face some difficulties, says AMRO chief economist Khor Hoe Ee.

US-China trade war

China and US sign initial trade pact, but doubts and tariffs linger

The deal will still leave in place 25% tariffs on a US$250-billion array of Chinese industrial goods and components used by U.S. manufacturers, and China’s retaliatory tariffs on over US$100 billion in U.S. goods.