People's Bank of China (PBOC)


China vows to win digital currency race to contest dollar hegemony

China needs to become the first nation to issue a digital currency in its push to internationalise the yuan and reduce its dependence on the global dollar payment system, a commentary published by


China strengthens Yuan to drive consumption

Beijing is allowing faster gains in the yuan as it seeks to cheapen imports and bolster weak consumer spending.

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Political uncertainties unlikely to shake Asian rates

Despite the sharp focus on US-China tensions in recent months. DBS rates strategists Eugene Low and Duncan Tan see this sabre-rattling generating more heat than light for interest and FX rates.


Rise of the digital redback

SINGAPORE (July 17): Not having a smartphone in China can be a real handicap.


The tech behind China's new digital currency

SINGAPORE (July 17): Besides the absence of a central authority, another attractive attribute of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies is the speculative element where prices go through big, frequent s


Is e-RMB a tool of trade and weapon of politics?

SINGAPORE (July 17): Much interest in e-RMB stems from the global implications of China issuing such a currency.

US-China trade war

China will not save the world economy this time

SINGAPORE (Oct 7): US recession indicators are growing stronger and there is one bigger-than-usual reason why the world should be worried: China is not coming to the rescue this time.

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While the Fed has no 'guts', the PBOC is on steroids

SINGAPORE (Sept 23): It is debatable whether the US Federal Reserve has sense, vision or “guts”. But one thing is certain: The US central bank has become a weakling.

US-China trade war

China gives clear warning to the US

(Aug 12): US President Donald Trump has been hoisted by his own petard. He has been harmed by his own plan to harm someone else.

China Focus

China markets still have further to go: Goldman, JPMorgan

(Mar 4): Chinese stocks have had a great start to 2019, and it may not stop there.

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